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Paying £7 for an Endless Video Pass? Why not take one of our new VOXI Plans with Endless Video? You'll get Endless data for streaming video on the apps below, all on  5G-ready plan. These plans start at £15 a month. Sign in to switch to an Endless Video plan. 


Adding an Endless Video Pass to your VOXI plan gives you unlimited streaming on the following apps and websites, without eating your data:

Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, My5, TV Player and UKTV Play.

Subscriptions to these services are not included.

  1. To keep your Video Pass active, you must always have some of your general data left. It doesn’t matter how little, just as long as there’s some data there. If you completely use up the data on your plan, your Video Pass will become inactive.
  2. If you’re connected to a VPN or Proxy all data usage will come from your general data
  3. YouTube’s website and app are covered but other variants such as YouTube Kids, YouTube Studio, YouTube Music, YouTube kids for Android TV, YouTube for Android TV and YouTube VR are not covered.
  4. Advertising on these apps may not be covered by Endless Video.
  5. If you watch a BBC channel on the TVPlayer app it will redirect you to BBC iPlayer, where any data used to stream will come out of your standard data allowance. 

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