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What’s changing?

The roaming destinations in our Europe Zone are changing. From 8th July 2020, Turkey will no longer be an inclusive roaming destination in your VOXI plan. This means that if you travel there and use your phone, you’ll no longer be able to use your standard plan allowances and will instead need to top-up your account and pay our Rest of World Zone 1 rates instead. 


What will I have to pay?

As Turkey will move into VOXI’s Rest of World Zone 1 group of destinations, the rates will change to 60p per minute to make a call, 8p per text and 12p per MB of data. It will cost 36p per minute to receive a call but receiving texts will be free. You will need to ensure that your VOXI account is topped-up with credit to roam here. The full list of roaming rates can be found here.


Why will Turkey no longer be included?

To roam in other countries, your plan connects to a network in those countries that we have agreements with. To keep the price of VOXI plans competitive, we have to review these agreements and sometimes have to make decisions to ensure we continue can keep the price of our plans competitive.


Do other networks offer Turkey as an inclusive roaming destination?

No other network offers Turkey as an inclusive roaming destination as standard across all their plans.


What happens to me if I’m roaming in Turkey at the time of the change?

If you’re in Turkey on 8th July 2020, your roaming experience will change: before this date, you’ll be able to roam using your standard plan allowances. From 8th July 2020, you’ll need to top-up your VOXI account in My Account to ensure you can continue roaming at the Rest of World Zone 1 rates. These rates can be found here


To top-up your VOXI account, please visit My Account here.


When will this take effect?

The changes will come into effect midnight 8th July 2020, meaning that 7th July 2020 will be the final day before the changes.


Are any other roaming destinations affected?

No, Turkey is the only destination affected by this change.


Does VOXI have a roaming pass I can add to my account instead?

Outside of the Europe Zone, roaming on VOXI works as a pay-as-you-go service. You’ll need to ensure you have credit in your VOXI account to be able to roam here. To top-up your account with credit, please visit My Account


Where can I find out more about roaming on VOXI?

Visit the dedicated roaming Help article for more.

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