How can we help you?

What’s the offer?

VOXI’s biggest ever £10 data deal – 12GB of data plus Endless Social Media for £10 a month. We were recently offering 8GB for £10, but we made this even better by adding an extra 4GB of 4G data on top. This offer was available until the 25th June 2020.


My Account looks a little different now. Has something changed?

We’re always looking to improve VOXI customers’ experience. That’s why, if you’re on our 12GB for £10 offer plan, your account may soon look a little different: instead of your 12GB data allowance appearing as different Extras it will now say ‘£10 for 12GB’ and show as a full 12GB allowance at the top of the ‘Account’ tab.

Your additional 2GB Extras will soon disappear. This may take a few days to fully change over.



Is this for existing customers too?

This offer has now expired so is no longer available for new or existing customers. Keep an eye out for more great VOXI promo plans coming soon. 



What will it look like in My Account?

You’ll see your extra data appear as two individual 2GB Data Extras, ready to use straight away once we’ve added them. Once they’re on your account, you’ll use these Extras first and the data allowance status bar on each one will begin counting down as the amount of data left in your allowance decreases.


Once you’ve used them all up, they may disappear from your account – but don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you suddenly have a lower allowance, it just means that you’ve used up the data in that Extra. You may also receive a notification saying that this has been removed – again, this is nothing to worry about. Your extra data will refresh in your next plan cycle and will reappear on your account, ready for you to use.



Does Endless Social Media work as normal with the offer?

Yes, Endless Social Media will work as normal. Most activity used on social media and chat apps will be free and won’t come out of your data allowance in the way that you’re used to. You can find out more about Endless Social Media here.
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