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How will VOXI check my returned phone?

If you want to return your phone within 30 days, we’ll make a series of checks to assess its condition.

What we check:

  • All accessories and user guides are included (including SIM or memory card trays).
  • The device switches on.
  • All parts of the screen are working.
  • The cosmetic condition. If scratches are present, when a fingernail is run over them do they catch? If the fingernail catches, then the scratch is considered a deep, but not light scratch.
  • That any security or other protective features (such as Find my iPhone) have been disabled and the device is not registered as lost or stolen.

After completing these checks, we’ll then grade your returned phone to determine the level of damage.

If any accessories provided with the device (such as the charger, headphones, battery, instructions, and other components) are missing, a charge of £10 for each item will be applied. If any free or promotional products received with the device is missing, we reserve the right to apply a charge based on the cost of the free or promotional product.

If the device is damaged, its security or other protective features are enabled, or it is registered as lost or stolen, we reserve the right to apply a charge to cover our costs (no VAT will be charged). The amount charged will vary depending on the level of damage, and the original value of the device purchased. The maximum charge that could be applied is £660 for any device that is deemed damaged or locked and beyond economical repair (BER).

We’ll use the following grades when assessing your returned device:

Grade A

  • Checks made to determine if there are visible marks, dents or scratches on any part of the product

Grade B

  • No more than 3 light scratches on the body of the device (screen or case), which can’t be longer than 1cm each
  • No chips or dents made to the phone casing or chassis

Grade C

  • No more than 3 marks, dents, scratches which are easily visible or can be detected by fingernail

Grade D (BER)

  • Dents, cracks, deep scratches on the casing
  • Chips, cracks, deep scratches on the screen
  • The screen is smashed
  • Missing parts such as keys, back covers, SIM or memory card trays
  • Evidence of water damage
  • Security or other protective features are enabled on the device
  • Find My iPhone feature is enabled
  • The device has been registered lost or stolen and is locked

Please note: once your device has been returned to us, if you change your mind, we’ll be unable to send it back to you.