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What's included? 

  1. Unlimited use of YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Twisted Mirror TV, TikTok, UKTV Play, My5 and TVPlayer without eating your data. Your Unlimited Video data applies to the apps and the websites if you prefer to browse.
  2. You can tether another phone, laptop or tablet to your phone and your Unlimited Video will still apply when using those apps or websites on the other device. Tethering to other devices like a video game console, TV, or through a smart device such as Chromecast, Roku, or Fire TV Stick is not included and will come out of your general data allowance.
  3. If you have a plan with Unlimited Video, your plan will also include Unlimited Social Media. Find out more about Unlimited Social Media here

To keep your unlimited data active, you must always have some of your general purpose data left. It doesn’t matter how little, just as long as there’s some data there. If you completely use up the data on your plan, your Unlimited Video data will become inactive.

What's not included?  

  1. Subscriptions to any of the providers listed above. Unlimited Video covers the data you use to stream, but won’t give you a paid subscription to access these services. For example, if you don’t already have a Netflix subscription you won’t be able to stream on Netflix using Unlimited Video; if you do already have a Netflix subscription, as long as you’re logged in to the service you’ll be able to stream unlimitedly without eating your data.
  2. We can’t guarantee that adverts on any of the services included in Unlimited Video will be covered. Data used to watch adverts may come out of your general purpose data allowance.
  3. Other versions of the YouTube service like YouTube Kids, YouTube Studio, YouTube Music, YouTube Kids for Android TV, YouTube for Android TV and YouTube VR aren’t covered under Unlimited Video.
  4. Anything else you do online, like browsing websites, sending emails and using maps comes out of your general purpose data.
  5. Streaming music on sites and apps such as Spotify and Apple Music will come out of your general purpose data if you don't add a Music Pass to your plan. 
  6. If you follow a link or a video that takes you out of an app, you’ll start using your plan’s data - unless it links to an app or site covered by Unlimited Social Media or another Pass. For example, if you follow an advert from YouTube to a video on another website, you’ll use some of your general purpose data to watch it.
  7. If you’re connected to a VPN or Proxy all data usage will come from your general purpose data.
  8. Adverts which play before and during YouTube videos won’t be covered as part of Unlimited Video.

Please note: some apps display additional content such as adverts. These adverts will come out of your monthly data allowance. Extensions or third party content such as location sharing/tracking, downloading and sending GIFs, sharing shopping links, the sticker market, external videos, maps and any app analytics, may also come out of your general purpose data allowance.


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