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In line with European Union roaming regulations, your VOXI plan comes with inclusive roaming. However this is only meant for temporary, occasional periods abroad such as holidays and short trips.  

Unlike other networks, up until now we’ve only monitored usage abroad and not applied extra charges to customers who use their phone abroad for long periods of time (or even permanently).  However, with more people using their phone abroad for long periods of time, we now need to apply extra charges if we see that you’re using your phone abroad for a longer period of time than we would consider as fair. 

If you use your phone abroad in any of your plan’s inclusive roaming destinations for 62 or more days in a four month period, and your usage in those destinations is more than your usage in the UK we’ll send you a warning email or text to let you know when this happens.  

If after 14 days of us sending you a warning message your roaming usage continues, you may be charged the following extra charges to use your phone in your inclusive roaming destinations:

  • Calls: 3.3p a minute 
  • Texts: 1p each 
  • Data: £3.13 for each 1GB 

Rest assured, you’ll still be able to receive calls and texts while abroad in your inclusive roaming destinations at no extra cost. 

Please note that Roaming Extras will not work if you exceed the Acceptable Use Policy.

If you are not happy with these new changes, you can pause your plan or cancel at any time through your VOXI account online.

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