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We are updating our fair usage policy when roaming.  

The two main changes are as follows: 

  • Your allowance of general purpose data will be capped at 20GB, or your 30 day plan’s allowance, whichever is less, when you roam in our Europe Zone.   
  • Endless Social Media, Endless Video and Music pass will be available in the UK only and are not included in EU Roaming – this means that if you are in the Europe Zone, any usage of these apps will be deducted from your plan’s allowance of general purpose data.  

If you exceed your allowance of general purpose data whilst in the Europe Zone, you can still connect to Wi-Fi or buy one of our data extras. Details of our data extras can be found in our pricing guide

There are also limits on how long you can use your phone abroad for

If you are not happy with these new changes, you can pause your plan or cancel at any time through your VOXI account online at


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