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If you're travelling outside our Europe Zone, there are two Roaming Extras you can buy.

The duration of your pass will begin to count down from the date you buy it, not when it's first used, so we recommend buying your pass as close to your travel date as possible (but you’ll only start to use your Roaming Extra allowances once you’re abroad).

You can see a full list of eligible destinations in your account, or on our Roaming Extra Terms and Conditions.




8 day Roaming Extra £15 8 days
100 minutes
100 texts
2GB data
15 day Roaming Extra £25 15 days
200 minutes
200 texts
4GB data
  • Calls that you receive whilst you are abroad will be deducted from your minutes.
  • Calls and messages back to the UK from eligible countries are included. All calls and texts to standard landlines and mobiles within the same country are included.
  • You’ll get a text when you’ve almost run out of minutes, texts, or data. We’ll also send you a reminder of when your Extra is due to expire - you can then buy a new Extra. Alternatively, you can use your credit balance to pay standard charges for your destination.
  • Calls or messages to a third country are not included – you’ll have to pay our standard international rates for that (i.e. if you call a German number from France).
  • Calls from the UK to any other country are charged as an international call – you’ll pay our standard international rate for these.
  • Non-standard calls (for example to non-geographic numbers, premium rate numbers, or directory inquiries) are chargeable in Roaming Extra destinations.

Read more information on our international charges.

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