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If you’re planning a trip within our Europe Zone, you’ll need to buy a European Roaming Pass to make use of your allowances whilst you’re abroad. 

You can choose from 4 different durations, depending on how long you’ll be travelling for – if you’re away for more than 15 days, you can just log in to your VOXI account to buy another European Roaming Pass.

Pass duration Cost Allowances
1 day £2.25
  • Your inclusive plan data, or 20GB fair usage (whichever is less)*
  • Unlimited Texts (including MMS)
  • Unlimited Minutes
2 days £4
8 days £10
15 days £15

The duration of your pass will begin to count down from the date you buy it, not when it's first used, so we recommend buying your pass as close to your travel date as possible.

If you don’t buy a Pass, or use up your allowances whilst you’re abroad, you won’t be able to use any of your allowances (but will still be able to receive calls and texts).

Fair Usage policy

Data usage with European Roaming Passes is capped at your plan’s inclusive allowance, or 20GB (whichever is less). If you wish to use more than this, you can purchase one of our Data Extras to go with your European Roaming Pass.

Unlimited Social Media and Unlimited Video are UK-only, and are not included with European Roaming Passes - any usage of these apps whilst roaming will be deducted from your plan’s allowance of general purpose data.

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