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How do I leave VOXI?

We're sad to see you go and if there's anything we can do to change your mind, get in touch and we'll do our best to help you.

But, as all VOXI plans are flexible monthly subscriptions, you're free to leave anytime. Just sign in to your account, go to 'plans' and stop your plan. 

You don't need to remove your card - you will be automatically opted out and will no longer be charged for your plan and any extras you have. Your line will also be disconnected within 6 - 9 months if you do not reactivate your plan.

You can also contact us or call our dedicated PAC line (0808 004 5205) to get your PAC code if you'd like to take your VOXI number with you.

Can I pause my plan or restart it again?

If I opt out of my plan, will my extras end at the same time?

How can I change my plan?